We are Livoo

Your blender, your barbecue, and your headphones are not just objects, they are extensions of yourself, allowing you to get closer to your friends and family, to bring them together, to laugh and to share experiences.

Livoo's aim is to help you live your life to the fullest, whatever wishes you have throughout the year.
Winter raclette, summer barbecue. Or the other way around.

It's up to you. Take advantage of this freedom for feel good moments every day.

That's why we're constantly innovating and creating clever products full of zest, but most of all, accessible.

Livoo loves you !

What doesLivoo mean ?

Livoo... sounds good, right?

For a feel-good brand, we needed an evocative name. Livoo is a combination of the words “Live” and “you”! In other words, living with you in complete harmony and savouring every moment.

Ok, but why ?

" We find objects that can create amazing moments, at home, outdoors, indoors, wherever and whenever you want. "

At Livoo, we'll never let things get boring between us.

We’ll spoil you, we’ll put all our experience at your service. We’ll continue to surprise you. We promise! Tips and tricks to make the most of your special moment? Ideas for recipes with seasonal vegetables or fruit? Or just recommendations for use? That's what we're here for.

A true “Art of Living” brand, we are by your side every day with a range of over 600 objects that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

From waking up, to breakfast, to getting ready to go out for the evening or organising an event, find our six product universes to support you every day:

  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen products
  • Small home appliances
  • Beauty and well-being
  • Outdoors
  • High tech

Livoo in
the early stages

Our happy story has been going on for over 40 years. In 2018, the desire to delight the world of small appliances and to adapt to new consumer trends was born.

It is within a family business based in Alsace that the adventure began and continues today with a team of over 50 people.


years of expertise

17 000

m2 of warehouse space


creation of the Livoo brand

We started by standardising and completing our product ranges to finally create our six product universes. We then created a new graphic charter that can be seen on our packaging and website. Our goal was to create a brand that everyone could recognise.

And to meet your demands, we have a huge 17,000m² warehouse.

17,000m² filled with your favourite products. That's 17,000m² of small pleasures.

The first successes

Did you know..? We were the first to launch a raclette set for 12 people. A raclette of that size on the market was hitherto unheard of.


In 2019, Livoo integrated its first national distribution networks.. We are proud of being accessible to all and this is why we continue to be referenced in major retailers, in an effort to be as close as possible to our consumers.

Going international with our first exhibition abroad: hello IFA Berlin!

The first Ecovadis CSR certification ranks us among the 30% of the best rated SMEs. Our facilities have been fully renovated to reduce our energy consumption as well as to create spaces dedicated to waste treatment, while eliminating plastic from our daily life.


In 2020, the launch of our livoo.fr website and our social media accounts was a real lever to develop brand awareness and communicate with our community. Social networks are our primary platform of expression, to create a real relationship with you.


In 2021, new positioning, new colour, new website: a new adventure begins for Livoo! The goal is to go further and further, with stronger commitments that reflect you.

Our values,
we tell you everything !



Art of living



Our pride :
growing with you

We share our ideas, we listen to you, we adapt – always in line with your needs and your experiences – to offer you new, even more amazing ones!

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